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The Inver Hills Foundation promotes Inver Hills Community College by building partnerships with area high schools, businesses, community organizations and government agencies. We build capacity by securing financial and other resources that further the mission of the college. We assist students, faculty and staff seeking educational excellence.

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Gail Morrison
Executive Director

Leslie Krona
Scholarship & Alumni Coordinator





Inver Hills Community College Foundation builds resources and a community network to enhance educational excellence. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote Inver Hills Community College by building partnerships, build capacity to secure financial and other resources that further the mission of the college, and assist students, faculty and staff seeking education excellence.

For the 2016 fiscal year, the IHCC Foundation assisted over 340 students with financial assistance and supported many college programs. The Foundation awarded more than 160 scholarships, provided emergency financial assistance, and supported nearly 90 students in the TuitionMatch-MN program. In addition, the Foundation provided close to $200,000 in support of various college programs.


The first of its kind, TuitionMatch-MN is a student tuition savings match program for low- and middle-income students at Inver Hills. The program leverages federal funds and private contributions to match student savings 3:1. For many students, TuitionMatch-MN means the difference between a bright future and one filled with uncertainty. It is a great program to provide funds for tuition and financial management workshops to help reach education goals.

Your gift will support the work of the Foundation and leverage additional federal dollars and students savings for TuitionMatch-MN.

The result: more dollars invested to make sure low-income, working Minnesotans are one step closer to earning a college degree with minimal debt.

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