Inver Grove Heights police car and Public Safety patrol car

Safety & Security

The Inver Hills Community College Public Safety Department is dedicated to developing partnerships with the community we serve, including students, staff, and faculty in order to enhance the goal of providing quality higher education in a safe and secure atmosphere. Through these partnerships, we will preserve a learning environment that supports academic freedom, respect for diversity, fair and equal treatment to all, and an open exchange of ideas.

Safety & Security

Parking Information

Parking is available on campus for students, staff members and visitors. You do not need a special permit. You may park in any parking space not marked as reserved. Well-defined parking regulations are enforced by the Department of Public Safety and the by the Inver Grove Heights Police Department. Reserved parking is available in the Liberal Arts and Fine Arts Parking lot. To obtain a permit contact the College's Administration Department on the 2nd floor of the Liberal Arts Building. Individuals with State issued handicapped parking certificates may park in the Fine Arts, College Center or South Parking lots.

Minnesota Law requires public colleges to pay a portion, or in some cases all of the cost associated with construction, maintenance and operation of parking facilities. Inver Hills keeps this fee at the minimum required to cover parking-related cost by using a credit-based fee as opposed to more costly methods like permits, meters, hourly lots, etc.

Parking fees may be waived by completing a Parking User Fee Exemption Request form available from the Business Office, 2nd floor of the College Center Building. To qualify for the exemption, the student or staff member must:

  • Reside in an area neighborhood and don’t drive to campus
  • Participate in a car pool program
  • Ride the bus to campus

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